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In the realm of Technology, to change a thought into a practical versatile application implies devotion and research to make it through. Developers large and small are mobilising around the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to create new ways of dealing with the crisis using technology. Large-scale, national efforts to utilize technology in support of remote learning, distance education and online examinations during the COVID-19 pandemic are emerging and evolving quickly.

DigiTest featured in Netherlands national newspaper.

With the increasing number of universities and schools shutting down their campuses and moving their learning online to contain the spread of CoronaVirus, the IT industry, specifically edtech received an opportunity to prove its worth.

In the progressing business of desktop and mobile applications, Scientise7 (Pvt) Ltd. was given a provoking task to work on DigiTest, an online assessment application for the schools of Netherlands. As a start-up, it was a valuable chance to change this idea into a reality. However, through hard work, devotion and struggle we accomplished the task.

DigiTest is an online examination platform that offers a digital one stop shop solution for assessments conducted by educational institutions. From creating digital test papers, to conducting online examinations and finally remotely grading them; this application automates the whole assessment procedure at educational institutes.

By completing this state of the art application DigTest in a very short span of time and launching it during the global health crises when education around the world has been halted due to the corona outbreak, Scientise7 (Pvt) Ltd. has helped students to attempt their examinations by alternate method so that they can continue their studies without attending school or college physically. Therefore, playing a crucial role in modernizing conventional methods of learning and teaching.. We transformed this idea into reality with hardcore creativity and the results are greatest.

DigiTest covered by, a leading broadcasting organisation of Netherlands.
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